Stewardship: Under My Management

In November and December 2011, Jason Hardin preached a series of sermons entitled, “What God Says About Your Money.” Part 3 of this series focuses on a few of the “stewardship parables” of Jesus.

  • Luke 16:1-13 — the parable of the dishonest manager
  • Matthew 25:14-30 — the parable of the talents
  • Luke 19:11-27 — the parable of the ten minas

Each of the “stewardship parables” has two major subjects and important implications:


  • Ownership — the master is the true owner of all assets.
  • Authority — the master’s will is final.
  • Trust — the master has delegated to his servants significant responsibility.
  • Generosity — the master graciously promises reward to his faithful stewards.
  • Expectations — the master has specific standards in mind for his stewards.


  • Stewardship — the servants should be aware that they are only caretakers.
  • Accountability — the servants will answer to the master.
  • Faithfulness — the servants must seek to be trustworthy in their dealings.
  • Industriousness — the servants must work hard and do their best.
  • Wisdom — the servants must choose their investments carefully.
  • Respect — the servants know that their master is just.
  • Focus — the servants must prioritize to serve the master well.

“Each of us will give an account of himself to God” (Rom 14:12), including the way we handled his money. Are we ready to give an account to the Master? What if we were called to give our account today?

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