Today's Bible Reading:

If Jesus Wrote Us a Letter

If Jesus wrote us a letter, what would he say? What questions would he ask? And how would we respond?

In November 2011, Jim Jonas of Centreville, VA presented a special series of sermons at Laurel Canyon entitled, “If Jesus Wrote Us a Letter,” a textual study of Revelation 2-3 that included some excellent modern-day application. The entire series is available below, preceded by an introductory lesson I presented to prep us from Revelation 1.

  • INTRO – A Glimpse of the Glorified Christ (audio | outline)
  • 1 – Letters to the Seven Churches: An Overview (audio)
  • 2 – “Have You Left Your First Love?” (audio)
  • 3 – “Are You Ready for Persecution?” (audio)
  • 4 – “Are You Morally Pure?” (audio)
  • 5 – “Are You Lukewarm?” (audio)
  • 6 – “Do You See My Glory?” (audio)

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