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Daily Reading Bibles from One Stone

One week into the new year. Are you already struggling with your resolution to read the Bible more consistently in 2012?

One Stone is featuring three “Daily Bibles” specifically designed to help you get in the habit of reading your Bible every day.

The ESV Daily Reading Bible – a unique edition of the Bible that offers maximum flexibility and convenience for reading through the Bible in a year. Each date of the year, along with its respective reading, is listed chronologically in the margins. This guides the reader through a yearlong plan of reading the Old Testament once, the Psalms twice, and the New Testament twice. On top of it all, this edition looks nice and can easily be used as a regular Bible for assemblies or group studies.

The Daily Bible – via a chronological presentation of the Bible, God’s story unfolds before readers each new day, giving a new appreciation of God’s plan for their lives. Reading the Bible becomes a fresh, living experience. This daily Bible stands out from others because the publisher rearranged the text in chronological order, allowing for a better understanding of “the big picture” and fresh insights into the order of Biblical events.  An interesting perspective and an interesting way to read through the Bible this year.

Day by Day Kid’s Bible – a unique tool to help children establish Bible-reading habits for a lifetime with an investment of just seven minutes per day. Daily readings lead readers (ages seven and up) through the Scriptures in just one year. This edition bridges the gap between a Bible storybook and a full-text Bible since the Scriptures are simplified (but not fictionalized) for young readers. New features include dated Bible readings for every day of the year, two-color interior, and a full-color 14-page time line to help children appreciate the full context of Biblical stories.

Find out more about these and many more products by visiting One Stone’s website or calling 1-800-428-0121.


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