The "Perfect" Psalm

Psalm 23 is one of the most familiar passages in all the Bible. But have you ever thought about how “perfect” these ancient words of David really are?

  • Perfect salvation (23:1a).
  • Perfect satisfaction (23:1b).
  • Perfect rest (23:2a).
  • Perfect refreshment (23:2b).
  • Perfect restoration (23:3a).
  • Perfect guidance (23:3b).
  • Perfect motivation (23:3c).
  • Perfect protection (23:4a).
  • Perfect company (23:4b).
  • Perfect comfort (23:4c).
  • Perfect provision (23:5a).
  • Perfect consecration (23:5b).
  • Perfect joy (23:5c).
  • Perfect care (23:6a).
  • Perfect destiny (23:6b).

Take the time to revisit this familiar psalm and refresh yourself with its “perfect” points of inspiration and comfort.

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