Hello, I'm Your Bible: Now Available for Pre-Order

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We’re thrilled to announce that Hello, I’m Your Bible: A Practical Guide to Accurately Handling the Word of Truth is now available for pre-order.

Time with God’s book? You know you need it. Faith made personal? You know you want it. You’re looking for the humble confidence that comes with knowing why you believe what you believe. The Almighty Creator of the universe has told you what he wants you to know and preserved that communication in the form of a book. But where do you begin?

Hello, I’m Your Bible is a practical guide to understanding and applying God’s word of truth. Whether you’ve just been introduced to the Bible, you’d like to get reacquainted with the Scriptures, or you’re looking to grow in your ability to help others in their walk of faith, Hello, I’m Your Bible can guide you into a deeper relationship with the God behind the living and active word.

Hello, I’m Your Bible is published by DeWard Publishing. Its 156 pages are broken down into thirteen chapters, with each chapter containing ten questions for personal reflection or group discussion. Retail: $9.99.


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Table of Contents

1. The World’s Most Precious Book

2. If It’s Breathed-Out By God…

3. Distinguishing Between the Covenants

4. The Bedrock Principle of Authority

5. Of Law and Lawlessness

6. Context, Context, Context

7. How Does the Bible Direct Us?

8. Applying Heavenly Authority to Everyday Life

9. On the Making of Expedient Judgments

10. Walking in the Footsteps of Biblical Examples

11. When God Hasn’t Said Anything About It

12. How Should We Handle Tradition?

13. Conclusion

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