Why Do Young People Remain Faithful?

A great many religious organizations are willing to try anything and everything to attract and keep young people. But as young people grow and mature, why do they remain faithful to God? This sermon suggests seven reasons:

  1. They have heard the gospel.
  2. They have been convicted.
  3. They have adopted God’s way of thinking as their own.
  4. They have personally become a part of a network of saints.
  5. They believe in the importance of instructive and corrective discipline.
  6. In an ongoing sense, they are being equipped for the walk of faith.
  7. Their eyes are fixed on Jesus.

The religious landscape is littered with churches who have compromised their calling and diluted the gospel in an effort to attract and keep young people. Let’s remember our mission to serve as a “pillar and buttress of the truth” (1 Tim 3:15), aiming to “make disciples of all nations” (Mat 28:18-20).

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