Does God Care About What I Wear?

Mention the word modesty to some and it conjures up old-fashioned images of women in petticoats and bonnets. For many, modesty has become an outdated notion instead of a desirable trait.

Disciples of Christ must remember that modesty is biblically-mandated—not just in relation to the outward appearance, but the inner person of the heart.

This sermon explores the subject of modesty on four fronts:

  • When the Bible speaks of nakedness
  • When the Bible warns against sexual temptation
  • When the Bible speaks of clothing
  • When the Bible encourages us to appreciate our influence

Modesty as described and prescribed in Scripture is an attitude that starts in the heart and works its way outward. We would do well to inform ourselves of and conform ourselves to the wise expectations of our Father who is in heaven.

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