Mother of a Teenage Son Reviews Boot Camp

From Dawn Reffett, mother of a teenage son:

It caught my eye. Boot Camp: Equipping Men with Integrity for Spiritual Warfare. The book’s cover, showing the feet of soldiers lined up at attention, suggested a tough approach to Christian living—a lifestyle opposite of today’s culture.  I hoped this could be the guidebook I needed for my teenage son.  I needed a book to lead him in a closer relationship with God.  More specifically, I needed a book to develop his character by molding his life around God.  I wanted him to “be all he could be” for Christ instead of letting this world have its way with him.  In the store, I picked up the book and looked at the Table of Contents.  The book’s chapters addressed specific areas to improve a man’s life, put in the context of the boot camp experience. Looked promising. I bought it, and I’m glad I did.

The book exceeded my expectations.  It addressed the importance of integrity in a Christian man’s life. The writing style is informal and easy to read. There are short fictional stories and Bible stories incorporated in the chapters, along with Bible verses to help in understanding and enforcing the area addressed.  The book is not just a great read for men or boys.  I (Mom) have personally enjoyed it and have been inspired to strive toward that godly image God intends for me. My favorite chapters in the book are The Lord’s Infirmary: A Time to Heal and Jealousy: Playing into the Enemy’s Hands by Turning on Each Other. This book is the first in the IMAGE series where “I” standing for integrity. I’m looking forward to reading the next in the series by this author, Jason Hardin, who coincidentally shares central Ohio as home.

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