Why Leviticus?

Leviticus Wordled

Genesis we can understand and Exodus we can follow, but why would anyone want to read Leviticus? How many daily Bible reading plans have died amongst the difficult details of this third book of the Bible?

It’s vital to remember that Leviticus is one vital part of a much larger story. “How in the world can the holy King of the universe dwell among sinful and impure people?” The answer is Leviticus. It powerfully reveals the danger involved when God’s holiness is not reverently regarded. And, perhaps most valuable of all, the book of Leviticus points forward to Jesus in whom the Levitical shadows, illustrations and types find their fulfillment.

This sermon seeks to place Leviticus in the larger story of the Bible, explores the parallel truths revealed in the New Testament book of Hebrews, and rests on the assurance that, in Jesus Christ, there is no longer any need to be paralyzed before the holy King of the universe.

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