Let the Whole Creation Cry

________________ Let the whole creation cry:
_____________________ “Glory to the Lord on high!”
________________ Heav’n and earth, awake and sing:
_____________________ “God is good and God is King!”

________________ Praise Him, all ye hosts above,
_____________________ Ever bright and fair in love;
________________ Sun and moon, lift up your voice,
_____________________ Night and stars in God rejoice.

________________ Men and women, young and old,
_____________________ Raise the anthem manifold;
________________ Children with your happy hearts,
_____________________ In this worship sing your parts.

________________ From the north to southern pole,
______________________ Let the mighty chorus roll:
________________ “Holy, holy, holy One,
_____________________ Glory be to God alone!”

– Stop­ford A. Brooke, 1881

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