The Termites of Unrighteousness

Extreme home makeovers occasionally require some demolition work. Demolition is the act of tearing down, razing, exploding or laying waste to an existing structure. If mold, infestation or some toxin has irreversibly affected an entire building, the safest and most constructive route very well may be to tear down before attempting to rebuild.


The same principle applies from a spiritual point-of-view. Extreme home makeovers require “holy demolition.” For the good of our souls and the health of our homes, sin needs to be torn down. Unrighteousness must be razed. Ungodliness needs to be banished and demolished.

Some aspects of holy demolition directly address aspects of ungodliness that are very surface-oriented—explosions of wrath, sexual unfaithfulness, perpetual lying, etc. When such ungodliness manifests itself, we do not need our friends and loved ones to pat us on the back and act as if nothing is wrong. We must be lovingly and firmly brought face to face with God’s truth. Sin must be called sin. We must be stopped in our tracks for the good of our souls. We must be rebuked that we might come to repentance and experience renewal (2 Sam 12:7).

But so very often, the reality of the spiritual decay and the depth of the unrighteous bondage being experienced goes much deeper than the surface. When the walls of immorality begin to come down and the foundation beneath the deteriorating structure is finally exposed, only then do the most serious problems often become evident.


Termites can slowly, silently, but surely eat away at the very foundation of an entire structure. Left unchecked, the consequences can be disastrous and devastating. Using Romans 1:28-32, consider the same point from a spiritual perspective.

The termites of unrighteousness that will destroy a home’s foundation:

  • Evil – the polar opposite of that which is good, righteous and holy
  • Covetousness – a greedy, insatiable, idolatrous desire for more
  • Malice – an intense desire to injure; delighting in harming another
  • Envy – a feeling of displeasure produced by witnessing the advantage of others
  • Murder – the slaughtering of another, either literally or figuratively (Mat 5:21-22)
  • Strife – discord, contention, quarreling
  • Deceit – cunningly and treacherously operating against another in the shadows
  • Maliciousness – an evil disposition that puts the worst construction on everything
  • Gossip – whisperings, detracting from whatever good may be thought of another
  • Slander – backbiting, open defaming and evil speaking
  • Hatred of God – disrespect and contempt for God and his will
  • Insolence – arrogance and egotism whereby self is viewed as superior to others
  • Haughtiness – an overwhelming estimate of self that is unfounded
  • Boasting – proud language that casts self in a superior role
  • Inventions of evil – resourcefulness in wrong and injurious ways
  • Disobedience to parents – refusal to submit to authoritative direction
  • Foolishness – without understanding; senselessness
  • Faithlessness – the undependable breaking of covenant promises (Mal 2:14)
  • Heartlessness – without natural affection; callousness; without regard for others
  • Ruthlessness – unmerciful and vengeful
  • Willful rebellion against God’s decrees – brazen disobedience against the Creator
  • Enthusiastic approval of those who walk in ungodliness

Have any of these termites of unrighteousness found residence in your life? What sort of “holy demolition” is needed for the good of your soul and the health of your home?

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