The Philippians 4:8 Filter

We use filters throughout our houses as simple tools to remove impurities and separate substances. Furnace filters. Water filters. Coffee filters. We understand that what flows into the filter is not the same as what flows out. It’s designed that way, for our good.

How would life be different if Philippians 4:8 was treated as a filter in your home? If everything that was watched, listened to, downloaded and engaged in was fed through this God-breathed criteria? We can’t control everything that flows into the filter, but we have a choice as to whether or not the filter is steadfastly installed in our homes. And if it is, what flows out of the filter, throughout our homes, will be dramatically different than what is swirling around in the putrid atmosphere of our secular society.

Last Sunday, as a kickoff to our Extreme Makeover: Home Edition series, we handed out these “filters” to all in attendance and encouraged everyone to post them as reminders at home. Perhaps you’ll find the idea helpful and encouraging as well.

Click the graphic below to enlarge or click here for a PDF copy.


  • True – conforming to reality as defined by the Creator?
  • Honorable – worthy of respect in the sight of men and God?
  • Just – “right” in the sight of the Divine Judge?
  • Pure – unstained, undefiled, unsullied?
  • Lovely – morally attractive?
  • Commendable – of good report?
  • Excellent – virtuous, morally exceptional?
  • Worthy of praise – would God commend me as “doing well” in this activity?

If the Philippians 4:8 filter was installed and rigorously employed for a solid week in your home, how would life be different?

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