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How Do You Greet Your Spouse?

Living the Love Dare: A Year of Daily Reminders to Lead Your Heart sits on my desk at home.   Each day I see a short snippet from The Love Dare book by Stephen and Alex Kendrick.   The last few days have been reminders of how love makes good first impressions, particularly in the way we greet our spouses.   I’ve found them encouraging and thought you might as well.

Day 83
You can tell a lot about the state of a couple’s relationship from the way they greet one another.   You can see it in their expression and countenance, as well as how they speak to each other.

Day 84
A good greeting sets the stage for positive and healthy interaction.   Like love, it puts wind in your sails.

Day 85
Think back to the story Jesus told of the prodigal son.   Of all the scenarios this young man had played over in his mind, this was likely the last one he expected.   But how do you think it made him feel to receive his father’s embrace and hear his thankful tone?   He no doubt felt loved and treasured once again.   What do you think it did in their relationship?   What kind of greetings would make your mate feel like that?

Day 86
Think of the opportunities you have to greet each other on a regular basis.   When coming through the door.   When meeting for lunch.   When saying good-night.   When talking on the phone.

Day 87
Your greeting and expressions of love don’t have to be bold and dramatic every time.   But adding warmth and enthusiasm gives you the chance to touch your mate’s heart in subtle, unspoken ways.

Day 88
Love is a choice.   Choose to love.

Day 89
Think about your greeting.   Do you use it well?   Does your spouse feel valued and appreciated?   Do they feel loved?   Even when you’re not getting along, you can lessen the tension and give them value by the way you greet them.

How about you?   Could your greetings use some tweaking?

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One Comment

  1. This is a great point. It occurred to me some time ago when I came home and my two-year-old came running into my arms yelling, "DADDYYYYYY!!!" I felt so special. And then I realized how I greeted her. But I never greet anyone else that way in the house. I'm working on that.

    Thanks for the reminder. I need it.