The Pharisees, The Disciples, Or The Canaanite Woman?

In Matthew 15:

  • The Pharisees accuse. “Why do your disciples break the tradition of the elders?”
  • The disciples question. “Do you not know that the Pharisees were offended?”
  • A lowly Canaanite woman cries out for mercy. “Lord, help me.”

In Matthew 15:

  • The Pharisees grumble about unwashed hands.
  • The disciples worry about political correctness.
  • The woman begs out of desperation.

In Matthew 15:

  • The Pharisees continue to plot against Jesus.
  • The disciples begin to beg…that Jesus would send the annoying woman away.
  • The woman kneels in front of Jesus.

In Matthew 15:

  • The Pharisees are hardened by their pride.
  • The disciples are blinded by their prejudice.
  • The woman is undaunted by the obstacles.

In Matthew 15:

  • Jesus condemns the Pharisees as a fulfillment of prophecy: “You hypocrites!”
  • Jesus asks his disciples, “Do you still not understand?”
  • Jesus praises the woman, “Great is your faith!”

Which of the three have you been most like in recent days?

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