Your Invitation to a Spiritual Revolution

What is the absolute happiest moment you can remember?   And the most miserable?

Next level questions: How have the circumstances of your life impacted your happiness?   And your unhappiness?

Those who keep their spiritual bearings through the highs and lows of life are special people.   They exhibit a species of “stubborn” joy.   Their happiness is “sacred” in the sense that it is not of this world.   It stands the test of earthly storms and endures through the darkest nights.   These special people are a part of a spiritual revolution.

In Matthew 5, Jesus began to reveal the keys to this “sacred” happiness, establishing that it can only flow from a healthy, vibrant, intimate connection with God.   Joy that echoes beyond this temporary life is available only to those who build every aspect of their existence on the rock of truth (Matthew 7:24-27).

This sermon focuses particularly on the beatitudes—Jesus’ nine statements of special blessing (Matthew 5:3-12)—and explores practical areas of application for modern disciples of Christ.


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