Talk to the Rock Who Is Not Hard Of Hearing

Call out to the biggest rock you can find.   It won’t respond.

Pour your heart out to the most beautiful rock imaginable.   It won’t answer.

Plead with the smoothest rock money can buy.   It won’t acknowledge your presence.

Lift your voice and raise your hands to the most enduring rock on the planet.   It won’t reply.

Why?   Rocks are deaf.

But that’s what makes Psalm 28:1 and its description of God so great. “To you, O LORD, I call; my rock, be not deaf to me.”

Call out, pour out, plead with, lift your voice and raise your hands to the Rock of Ages today.   He is not deaf to you.

Just make sure that you aren’t deaf to Him.

About Jason Hardin

Jason lives in southern Indiana with his wife Shelly and their three daughters. He works with the Charlestown Road church of Christ. Jason has written three books and a variety of workbooks. He's a fan of photography, baseball, mountains, wildlife, BBQ, banana pudding, and coffee. You can contact him here or connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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