If Jesus Lived YOUR Life with HIS Heart…

One sure sign I’m getting older?   The movies and television shows I can remember as a kid are being remade for a whole new generation.

I haven’t seen the latest version of “Freaky Friday,” but I remember the original version from years ago.   If you haven’t seen it, the premise is simple.   A daughter believes her mother is out-of-touch and annoying.   The mother believes her daughter is out-of-touch and spoiled.   Both believe the other is living the “easy life” and couldn’t handle even a day in a different set of shoes.   Then one Friday, through the magic of Walt Disney, mother suddenly changes places with daughter, and vice versa.   To make a long story short, both grow in their patience, understanding, and appreciation for the life of the other.

Good story, but think about it from a spiritual point of view.   What if, for one day, you swapped places with Jesus?   What if, for one day, Jesus lived YOUR life with HIS heart?   What would be different?   What would people notice?   How would your priorities change?   Most importantly, what would be done differently for God’s glory?