Hard Core Desktop Wallpaper

My brother, Jonathan Hardin, does fantastic graphic design work.   He did the Boot Camp cover and the new Hard Core cover.

As an added bonus, he’s created a great desktop wallpaper scheme for the Hard Core book release.   Four different Scripture references are available, each in four common screen resolution sizes.   And they’re all FREE! It’s a great way to remind ourselves as we sit down at our computers to lead lives of integrity and holiness, regardless of who is watching.

Psalm 51.10


Psalm 34.8


Matthew 5.8


Psalm 63.3


If you’re ever looking for some graphic design work, look Jonathan up.

About Jason Hardin

Jason lives in central Ohio with his wife Shelly and their three daughters. He works with the Laurel Canyon church of Christ. Jason has written three books and a variety of workbooks. He's a fan of photography, baseball, mountains, wildlife, and coffee. You can contact him here.

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