Comparing the Christmas Story with the Bible Story

Comparing the Christmas Story with the Bible StoryIn December of 2007, I presented a two-part sermon at Laurel Canyon comparing the Christmas story with the Bible story. Part 1 delves into the historical background as to why December 25 was chosen as the religious day of celebration. Part 2 is more of a textual investigation of the traditional details that many people take for granted as having actually occurred.

An adapted outline is available for download below, as well as the audio of the original presentation.

I hope this study is helpful and, most of all, gets you thinking and into the Word. This time of year presents a great opportunity to talk with people about Jesus, and specifically encourage them to open their Bibles with you and compare what they have always heard with what the text actually says. May God be glorified in all of our efforts.

  • Comparing the Christmas Story with the Bible Story [Part 1]
    (12.2.07 – outline | audio)
  • Comparing the Christmas Story with the Bible Story [Part 2]
    (12.2.07 – outline | audio)

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  1. Ferrell Jenkins also has an interesting post on the historical background of St. Nicholas of Myra:

  2. That's really cool. I love history, especially Bible history. This is perfect for the Christmas season. Thanks for sharing!