Are You Afraid of Yourself?

Are You Afraid Of Yourself?

This sermon, presented in the P.M. assembly of October 11, 2009 at Laurel Canyon, explores the benefits of quiet meditation.

Are you afraid of yourself? That may seem like a strange question, but have you ever noticed how we instinctively avoid silence?   We get in our cars and immediately turn on our radios.   We walk   into our houses and immediately turn on our televisions.   A conversation stops and we feel the urge to nervously interject whatever immediately comes to our minds.

The sound of silence scares us.   Stillness unnerves us.   But why?   The Bible, in so many different places, shows us the value of quiet meditation.   Though our lives may be filled with immeasurable noise, this sermon explores the benefits of putting Psalm 46:10 into everyday practice.