Faith That Will Count as Righteousness

Romans: The Greatest Letter Ever Written

Parts 7 and 8 of The Greatest Letter Ever Written, a sermon series on Romans, are now available.   In Part 7, we took a brief break from Romans to familiarize ourselves with the timeless example of Abraham, who is described in both Testaments as “the friend of God.”   This sermon–deepening our understanding of the context of Romans 4–establishes that “friend of God” is a rare, reachable, and rewarding title.   (Note: due to some technical difficulties, the audio of this particular recording is slightly muffled.)

  • 7 – Abraham: The Friend of God
    (Romans 4:1-8 – 9.13.09 – outline | audio)

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“Faith That Will Count as Righteousness” is a textual study of Romans 4.   Having familiarized ourselves with Abraham’s powerful example of justification, we are encouraged by Paul’s methodical, reasoned, and logical argument to walk in the “footsteps of faith.”

  • 8 – Faith That Will Count as Righteousness
    (Romans 4:1-25 – 9.20.09 – outline | audio)

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The previous sermons in the series are:

  • 6 – God: The Just and the Justifier
    (Romans 3:1-31 – 9.6.09 – outline | audio)
  • 5 – How to Avoid God’s Wrath and Receive His Praise
    (Romans 2:11-29 – 8.30.09 – outline | audio)
  • 4 – Whatever You Do, Don’t Try to Fool God!
    (Romans 2:1-11 – 8.23.09 – outline | audio)
  • 3 – The Terrible Revelation of God’s Holy Wrath
    (Romans 1:18-32 – 8.16.09 – outline | audio)
  • 2 – The Difference Between Being Shamed and Ashamed
    (Romans 1:16-17 – 8.9.09 – outline | audio)
  • 1 – The Greeting of the Greatest Letter Ever Written
    (Romans 1:1-15 – 7.5.09 – outline | audio)

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