From Trophy Wife to Imperishable Beauty

In our society, women are repeatedly told ad nauseam, by those periodic packaged lies called women’s magazines, that it is their responsibility to deck themselves out in such a way that they “keep” their man.   A woman may be able to do this successfully in her twenties, and then have to work a little harder in her thirties and forties.   Then, if she still buys all this foolishness, she really has to work in her fifties and sixties, because she is always competing with twenty-year-olds.

If a wife treats fidelity in marriage as a prize to be obtained through competition, then somewhere, sometime, she is going to lose.   This is the way of the world.   But if she approaches it as a Christian woman, the older she gets, the more beautiful and serene she gets (1 Pet. 3:5).

– Douglas Wilson, Her Hand in Marriage

About Jason Hardin

Jason lives in southern Indiana with his wife Shelly and their three daughters. He works with the Charlestown Road church of Christ. Jason has written three books and a variety of workbooks. He’s a fan of photography, baseball, mountains, wildlife, BBQ, banana pudding, and coffee. You can contact him here or connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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