To The Women Of America

Check out these seven things David Foster would like to say to the women of America.   As the father of three daughters, I found this to be great stuff…

1. Mr. Right and Mr. Right Now are two very different people. God loves it when good people get married for the right reason.   It must grieve His heart when people jump the gun because they are so lonely or desperate they marry the first person who comes along.   Nice is no reason to get married.   There’s Mr. Right, and Mr. Right Now.   Mr. Right Now will break your heart.   Mr. Right will exceed your wildest dreams.

2. Not even a good guy can complete you. If you’re looking to get into a relationship, married or otherwise, because there is something lacking in you, you need to fill that up before you get around another person.   Because the truth is, only Jesus Christ and His love can fill up the hole in your heart, and make you a strong, independent person ready for an interdependent relationship.

3. You are worth a full and lifetime commitment. It grieves my heart to see women move in with men and live with them, hoping that one day after they’ve “tried each other on” the woman would get what she’s wanted all along and that’s a full commitment.   It’s a big mistake.   Not only is it ethically and morally wrong, but statistics prove that women are the big losers when they accept something less than full commitment.   Remember, you are worth what you demand for yourself.   If you demand respect and honor that which you do, then stay out of a man’s apartment and bedroom until you are married – a lifelong commitment.

4. Stop trying to compete with men. I’ve been married long enough and parented three adult daughters to know that women are smart, strong, and as tough as any man on the planet.   But it really grieves me when I see a woman reject her own femininity to try to beat a rugged man.   You don’t need to compete with men.   You’re already their equal and most times, far superior.   Stop trying to compete.   Start trying to complement.

5. Don’t use your body as bait. That should be enough said, but using sex as leverage to get what you want leads to a very dark, destructive place.

6. There’s a huge difference between getting married and being married. In this country we’re great at getting married. As a matter of fact it’s a billion dollar industry.   But we fail to realize sometimes in all the hoopla and hurry that goes along with getting married, that being married lasts a lot longer than the brief time of dating, courting, and getting married.   Make sure you look at someone over the long haul.   What would it be like to go get dentures with this person?

7. If you want to get rid of your husband, your boyfriend, or your significant other, nag. Men are tough and strong.   They can take a lot.   But there is no male defense against feminine nagging.   Just the minute I say that, you’ll say men do it too.   But women are somehow able to deal with it.   Men do not respond well to nagging, having their masculinity called into question.   It deflates their ego, and then makes them small and weak.

I know that there is probably a lot more that could be said, but at least these seven things might stimulate conversation.