Brief Points From Daniel

Good thoughts below from Warren Berkley:

If you preach, teach, or just talk to people about biblical truth, you well know there are some things people don’t want to hear–undeniable truths people do not dispute, but don’t really want to hear.

I’ve just started teaching the book of Daniel and I made these two points in the introductory class.

(1) If you’re looking for this nation to be saved and to survive for your grandchildren and great grandchildren, you need to face the fact that it may not happen.   The United States is not an everlasting nation; there is no such promise.   The good news is, your children and grandchildren can be a part of a kingdom that will never be destroyed (Daniel 2:44).

(2) If you’re looking for this nation to be saved and to survive, and you think it is all about electing the right people, you’re wrong.   It’s more about being the right people.   More important than your ballot is the influence of your life, your prayers, your efforts to preach the gospel, and your steadfast acknowledgment of the sovereignty of God (Daniel 4:25).

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