Where Religion Meets The Road (2)

We recently looked at the first half of James 1:27.   Take a moment to refresh yourself on its message.

I don’t know of any way to boil James’ statement down any simpler than with one word: CARE.   Real disciples of Christ care.   The religion of Almighty God is founded upon care.   Pure and undefiled devotion to the Father is characterized by care.   Quite frankly, my religion is worthless if I don’t care about those who are less fortunate than me.   My religion is a sham if I don’t care about my own spiritual purity.

This weekend will bring a number of opportunities and choices to you.   Sure, you might sit in a pew on Sunday, but will you show–really SHOW–throughout the weekend how much you care for those in desperate need of someone to reflect their Creator’s love?   Will your devotion be evident based on what you do (and do NOT do) in order to remain unstained by sin?

Let’s make sure we do more than talk the talk.   Let’s walk the walk this weekend of pure and undefiled religion in the sight of God.

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