Where Religion Meets The Road (1)

Take a moment to read James 1:27.   Done?

We’ll focus on the second half of the verse tomorrow, but before we go any further, don’t let the beginning of James’ statement go unnoticed.

You have “religion”?   Fine.   Just recognize that mere “religion” doesn’t equal automatic acceptance from the Creator.   Ours is a culture wherein people are arguing with increasing fervency that all religion is the same.   The only truly necessary ingredient is sincerity.   One is as good as another.   Pick one and stick to it…unless you change your mind.

Remember throughout your day that the first part of James 1:27 carries a critical message.   Having “religion” is one thing.   Nurturing “religion that is pure and undefiled before God” is another thing entirely.

It’s up to each one of us to make sure that what’s flowing through our lives in the name of religion comes from the pure, unadulterated Source.   If such is the case, it’s time to remain steadfast.   If not, it’s time to look beyond the counterfeits for the real thing.