ESV Study Bible News

Samples and tidbits of the upcoming ESV Study Bible continue to be made available online.

Introductions, sample chapters and full color maps can be seen for the following books:

Also, a number of the 50 articles that will be in the ESVSB have been uploaded to the web:

The Introduction to the Book of Romans contains a city plan of ancient Rome, which has been posted online, along with an excerpt of some of the information on Rome found in that introduction.   Other city plans included in the ESVSB include the cities of Ur, Nineveh (see p. 9 of the Jonah PDF), Babylon, Jericho, Corinth, Ephesus, and Philippi.

Finally, a number of interviews with contributors are available across the web.

What a wealth of resources!   Rarely are we ever given so much research material to determine whether or not a purchase will be worth our time and money.   Thanks to the people behind the ESV Study Bible for making sure we can make an educated purchase.   October 15 is the official release date.

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