The Evolution Of Spiritual Death

James 1:15 is something you need to read today.

Study carefully Satan’s battle plan to land your soul in hell.   His devilish tactics are really quite straightforward:

  • Can he grab your attention through enticement?
  • If so, can he get you to chase the cleverly disguised bait?
  • If so, can he get you to compromise, giving into your fleshly desires?
  • If so, that uncontrolled desire will conceive with unlawful action, giving birth to sin.
  • And sin, when it is fully grown, brings forth spiritual death.

No one intends to spend eternity separated in torment from the Creator, just as no one intends to take a nose dive off a 400-foot cliff.   But each calamity begins with a seemingly innocent first step.

You’ll be tempted to take that first step towards hell today.   Determine to diligently discipline your desires.   Make sure that the only thing conceived in your spiritual life today is more love, respect and honor for God.

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