Fading Fast

I know you’re busy, but take a moment to read James 1:9-11.

Done? Now, take your eyes off your computer screen and look around.

Maybe it’s your office. Perhaps it’s your basement. It could be your dining room or even your backyard deck. Wherever you are, take in your surroundings.

Done? Now realize that one day, it will all fade away. If this world continues to last…

  • …someone else will live in your house or apartment.
  • …your car will rust.
  • …the toys will become outdated.
  • …the electronic gadgets will be old news.
  • …what’s in demand today will be forgotten tomorrow.

Just as this year’s green grass will slowly fade with the coming of Fall and Winter, the possessions and pursuits of man will also perish with time.

Sometimes that’s a hard fact to remember, but make it your goal throughout the day.   Devote yourself, above all else, to things that will last. Family. Friends. Brethren. Those in need of the gospel. Your own soul. Your Creator.


  1. Here we are but straying pilgrims…though most of the time we don’t remember it or heed it.

    I was particularly struck by the statement that one day someone else will live in my house. I spend so much time wishing for more time and money to get this house all pretty and just the way I want it. Nothing wrong with that per se, but realizing that in the end, someone else will own it and change it all anyway does change my perspective and focus.

    Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Nice thought Jason – one day sons will be someone’s husband and father, Lord willing. Holding on too tight to anything or anyone other than Jesus has serious side effects.