The Comforted Comforters

I’ve been blessed with three beautiful daughters.   Chloe is seven, Jadyn is two, and Emma is approaching four months of age.   Our life is nearly always noisy, typically chaotic, but tremendously blessed.   And as odd as it may sound, I think one of my favorite memories will always be of crying from the backseat.

Chloe has always been an amazing helper with her little sisters and seems naturally to possess a special motherly instinct.   It truly bothers her when one of her sisters is upset.   From the days that Jadyn was an infant, Chloe had a tough time leaving Jadyn in a car seat while she was crying.   And so, she picked up on her mother’s habit of singing “Jesus Loves Me” to Jadyn during distressing car rides.

Now Emma is the infant who doesn’t always agree with road trips.   She really doesn’t like her car seat.   And I can assure you that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with her lungs or tear ducts.

But what a special moment it was a few weeks ago when Jadyn, completely out of nowhere and all on her own, began singing “Jesus Loves Me” to Emma in her distinctive two-year-old voice.   The comforted had grown to reach out as a comforter.

I couldn’t help but think of Paul’s encouragement in 2 Corinthians 1:3-4.

As one of the Father’s comforted, let me encourage you also to be a comforted comforter.   Remember that the “God of all comfort” has reached out to relieve your afflictions as only he can.   Now he asks you to be his ambassador of solace and hope to others in a dark and distressing world.   In light of what the Father has done for you, can you make a small difference in the life of someone else today?

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