Previews Of The ESV Study Bible

A couple months ago I briefly wrote about the upcoming ESV Study Bible.   Since then, a few excerpts have been added to the ESV site:

The Luke intro gives you a good view of the full-color maps dispersed throughout the new Study Bible.   The Revelation intro charts four different approaches to intepretation (historicism, futurism, preterism and idealism), a survey of the millennial views of the book, as well as a glimpse of how the actual text and accompanying notes will appear.

This is also interesting:

The ESV Study Bible is the first study Bible ever to be published simultaneously in print form and online–and the online edition will be available free to all who purchase a copy of the print edition.   The ESV Online Study Bible will provide additional unique features, including the ability to create personal online notes; to search and follow interactive links between notes, maps, articles, charts, timelines, illustrations, and cross-references; to listen to audio recordings of the ESV; and to access additional resources not available in the print edition–all available for free.

The ESV Study Bible is scheduled to be released on October 15, 2008.

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