Some Of Self

Yet He found me; I beheld Him
Bleeding on th’accursed tree,
And my wistful heart said faintly,
“Some of self, and some of Thee.”

Double-mindedness.   That’s what the verse above describes.   Double-mindedness beckons us to follow the easy way that leads to destruction.   It’s the way of compromise.   It’s the path of self-deception.

Before another minute of your day is wasted, stop and seriously listen to the Spirit from James 4:4-8.

You can’t have it both ways.

You can say in your wistful heart, “some of self, and some of Thee.”   You can do what you know to be wrong tonight and tomorrow, deceiving yourself into believing that “a little bit of church” on the weekend will take care of it all.

Just realize that your Creator denounces such as double-mindedness.   He yearns jealously over the spirit he has made to dwell within you.   After all, it’s fashioned after His image.

The bottom line is that some of you and some of Him is unacceptable.   And so the ball is still in your court.   How will you respond?

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