Signs Of Maturity

I find “maturity” difficult to define.   It’s like “love.”   You see signs.   You observe the fruits.   But to capture its essence in words is challenging, at least for me.

How about this?   There are two sides to maturity.

  • “I used to be bothered by things that weren’t worth being bothered about.” A sign of maturity is the ability to set aside or deflect petty annoyances that are undeserving of my lasting attention.
  • “I’m now bothered by previously ignored or overlooked things that should have arrested my attention long ago.” A sign of maturity is the refining of perspective so that I feel a holy discontent with the deficient status quo and am open to be used by the Creator to make a lasting impact for good.

I’m not there yet, but I want to keep growing.

How about you?   How do you define or describe maturity?

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1 thought on “Signs Of Maturity”

  1. Maturity is the point where I stop worrying so much about what I *must* do and start paying attention to what I *should* do.