Independence Day is this Friday.   What does it mean to you?   What will be on your mind?   To many, the 4th means charcoal, hamburgers, hot dogs, a day off of work, and fireworks.   The cost of liberty will be a distant thought, and that’s unfortunate.

But how much worse to go through this week without appreciating the greatest independence of all?   Freedom from the past.   Freedom from fear.   Freedom from condemnation.   Freedom from sin.

Do you remember the words of Jesus in John 8:36?   If you’re a Christian, don’t allow the day to pass by without being thankful for the freedom you will never deserve.   Don’t waste this week by failing to live worthy (as much as is possible) of the sacrifice that was made for you.   Remember the grace of our Father.   Remember that freedom isn’t free.   Remember what it cost the Son of God.   Remember what is now asked of each of His followers.

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