When You Hear, Do You Listen?

A couple of days ago we challenged ourselves with the message of Proverbs 25:11. How did you do?

For today, let’s build on the challenge with the next verse — Proverbs 25:12.

Perhaps you’re married. If so, how much does your wedding band mean to you? Doesn’t it go without saying that your ring is precious beyond words, not because of the gold itself, but the significance behind it?

Let’s appreciate the power, then, behind the wise man’s comparison of a precious gold ring to someone who wisely reproves us when we need to make a correction.

It may be that someone takes the time and makes the effort to step on your toes today. This also is precious beyond words to the one who is willing to listen. Those hard-to-hear-words may be just a few of the thousands you hear throughout the day, but they could be exactly what you need in the moment to save your soul in eternity.

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