A Refreshing Messenger

Ice CubesToday’s thought is from Proverbs 25:13.

Try to imagine life without instant ice cubes at the push of a refrigerator button. That’s the context of this verse. Long before the days of the kitchen freezer, snow from the north would be brought and stored in clefts of the mountains. That way, even in the heat of the day, peasants could refresh their masters with a cool drink.

Do you know anyone who could use some refreshing words today? If you’re like most of us, you won’t have to think for long. Parched people are all around, everywhere we look.

What could you do today to serve as “a faithful messenger” to someone in need? Have you discovered a truth that a co-worker needs to hear? Are you capable of encouraging a fellow Christian who has stumbled along the way? A snow-cooled drink of water on a hot harvest day — that’s the difference you could make as a messenger of refreshment.

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