A Crown Of Glory

Take a moment to read and reflect on Proverbs 16:31.

Lots of young people have the tendency to tune out and disrespect those who are older.   Let me encourage you to remember this wise statement throughout the day and as you head into the weekend.   You’ll see what the wise man referred to as “crowns of glory” all around you that have been gained in the context of righteous living.

Let’s make sure we give those who are older the respect they deserve.   They’ve been there.   They’ve done that.   They’re here to tell about it.   Believe it or not, if we took the time to listen, we might learn something.

And let’s remember that everybody’s hair turns gray if they live long enough.   But gray hair is only a crown that means anything if we’ve walked through life in submission to the King of kings.   Let’s make sure that if the Lord allows us to continue on this earth until we receive our own “crowns of glory,” we’re able to say they’ve been gained in the context of a “righteous life.”

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